Teaching and Letting Be

One of the balancing acts in teaching is explaining, demonstrating, talking and shutting up and getting out the way. Sometimes the best thing, especially at this point of the semester is to be present, be a resource, and even act as a sous-chef.

That’s what happened with Printmaking this week.

The mystery of registration was unveiled.

And then in Drawing Studio, the students got to explore a material that appeals to their comfort level with graphite and also adds in the option of a water wash. For 2 hours the students worked. Trying this, trying that – walking around and seeing what their neighbors were trying – not judging – just doing.

I tried to not pester. The best thing I could do was to settle down and draw with them. Explore the medium of aqueous graphite – and play. So I did and I thing the students enjoyed stopping by to see where my thoughts and marks were taking me. These 2 images are from a much larger sheet of paper (24X36) and I think hold promise.

Crows and pearls –

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