The Rest of the Story

The 1917 CASE 50hp is featured engine for 2018 for the Midwest Old Threshers’ Reunion. It was owned by Jacob Nelsen of Lockridge, IA. Jacob was a young man who lived for Old Threshers. Sadly, he died at age 21 in a car wreck in March 2017.

Like long time administrator of Midwest Old Threshers and dear friend, Lennis Moore, I am also a printmaker/artist. I have taught at Iowa Wesleyan University (College) in Mount Pleasant for 31 years, and have spent most of that time also volunteering at the Log Village or more recently, at Printers’ Hall. I was very honored when asked to design the graphic images for both the 30-Hour award and the featured engine. This print highlights the featured engine but also honors Jacob’s energy, enthusiasm and love for Old Threshers.

This is a limited-edition art print. That means that the image was created by an artist and printed by hand on high quality paper. This edition was limited to 55. Each print was signed, titled and numbered by me. The top number on the print represents how it fell into the edition while printing so 1/55 was the first print that was acceptable. 55/55 is simply the last print. Not better or worse, just when it was printed. All other “misregistered” or off prints were culled from the edition and destroyed. No more will be printed from those blocks. There does exist with all editions a print that is notated, “A/P”. The A/P is the “Artist’s Proof” meaning it is the one the artist keeps but it is also serves as the standard to which the other prints are judged against. If it didn’t meet my standard, it didn’t go into the edition. These prints were printed on the Vandercook Universal 1 press in Printers’ Hall.

The image of the engine was created both by hand drawing and computer graphic applications. That is the black part of the print. A block was created from the digital file. The colors in the sky were created on a wood block using traditional wood cutting tools. The colors were printed first and the black engine block was printed last.




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