Still Mari

My name is Mari Joyce.

I had a massive stroke 3 days before our wedding in 2006.

I have Aphasia and PBA*. I can read and write sometimes with help with my husband.

My stroke took away things I loved: I was confident, strong-willed, independent, intelligent and passionate.

I am still Mari and I have faith. I know in my heart that God has a plan for me. I may never know what that is, but whatever it is, I will run with what I have.

*PBA is “uncontrollable outbursts of crying or laughing in people with certain neuro conditions or brain injuries.

I am still Mari.

Mari and I signed our prints out – about 30+ images made up the run. Another story to share in the Aphasia project – Mari’s story, her image and her dog Caesar. I appreciate how patient and supportive she and Wes have been in helping this print come into being.