Aphasia – Words and Image

“I am still …… Bob.” The refrain of this sentence is profound in its declaration of self. And so it is in a larger point size than other phrases and sentences: facts and personal truths. “I am still Bob.”

The setting of the type by my hand is also a circle that I didn’t expect. I mean, yes, I understand how to set type. Yes, I have had to become voice for Bob in almost every facet of his life and, for his life. And that was a role that was reluctantly automatic in the days following his stroke. To answer for each other – never happened in our relationship. Even in all of the pre-Cana, pre-marriage  workshops – opinions were sought from each other and answers were never assumed. But the stroke has now necessitated that I answer or ask for Bob – or state his preferences. And this print has also necessitated that I work collaboratively with Bob to best express his thoughts and feelings about “Bob.”

So to set type in moveable lead type of Bernhard MT italic & Gothic Bold is also to complete a circle of words – chosen, fixed and inked and printed. To tell about Aphasia and Stroke and Bob is like a story going full circle.

I will post the finished print as it comes off the press in the next week or so.





2 thoughts on “Aphasia – Words and Image

  1. Ann and Bob —

    Todd and I are reflecting on this piece and your process. This is powerful-poignant-fragile all at once. This art makes me think about the boundaries of my own communication . . . the assumptions and gaps . . .

    Thank you for sharing this work-in-progress.


  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing this, it really spoke to me. Can’t wait to see how this progresses. John ps…thanks for coming to the reception for my show in Washington. It was great to see you and Bob. John

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