Aphasia – Words and Image

“I am still …… Bob.” The refrain of this sentence is profound in its declaration of self. And so it is in a larger point size than other phrases and sentences: facts and personal truths. “I am still Bob.”

The setting of the type by my hand is also a circle that I didn’t expect. I mean, yes, I understand how to set type. Yes, I have had to become voice for Bob in almost every facet of his life and, for his life. And that was a role that was reluctantly automatic in the days following his stroke. To answer for each other – never happened in our relationship. Even in all of the pre-Cana, pre-marriageĀ  workshops – opinions were sought from each other and answers were never assumed. But the stroke has now necessitated that I answer or ask for Bob – or state his preferences. And this print has also necessitated that I work collaboratively with Bob to best express his thoughts and feelings about “Bob.”

So to set type in moveable lead type of Bernhard MT italic & Gothic Bold is also to complete a circle of words – chosen, fixed and inked and printed. To tell about Aphasia and Stroke and Bob is like a story going full circle.

I will post the finished print as it comes off the press in the next week or so.